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Supported Platforms & Services


All that you need to build & deploy simple to complex Apps

Polyglot Platform – Support for Multiple Languages and Frameworks

  • Supports legacy as well as latest languages – Java, Ruby, PHP etc.
  • Get your App environment setup in minutes with pre-configured templates for multiple frameworks

Distribute your Application Load Effectively

  • Supports HTTP Routing to distribute requests on multiple kontenas in round-robin manner
  • Load Balance your Application and enhance user experience

Scale/Descale your Applications on the fly with no downtime

  • Supports scale and descale to add/remove kontenas
  • Make your applications high available by adding kontenas

Collaborate with various team members for your Application Development

  • Invite members, grant Permissions and let them manage resources
  • Grant Permissions like View, Scale only, De-Scale only, delete and more

Command line as well as Management Console to Manage your resources

  • Deploy, Scale/Descale and Manage your apps from Ruby Command line client Console
  • Monitor the health of your server from Management Console

Create Rich Applications with Multiple Services Support

  • Support for multiple relational databases – MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Powerful Apps and Games with NoSQL Storage- MongoDB, CouchDB

Global Presence

Minimum latency for your Apps. Deploy on servers closer to your customers.

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